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Teacher of the Year!
The International Association of Professional Quilters has named Mimi their 2013 Teacher of the Year! IAPQ publishes The Professional Quilter and hosts the annual Creative Arts Business Summit to support quilters who are serious about their work in the quilt industry.

Mimi says, "I am thrilled and very excited about this honor. It's so wonderful to be recognized for doing something I love so much! Many thanks to my students who have taught me so much as we've stitched and made quilts for forty years!"


Notes from Mimi
One of Mimi's favorite books is Pink Ribbon Quilts- A Book Because of Breast Cancer. In September 2009, with a routine mammagram, Mimi was diagnosed with breast cancer again. Click here to read notes about Mimi's journey.

Visit with Mimi as she talks to Annie Smith. Also listen to Mimi's stand-up comic debut at Stoop Stories in Baltimore.

You can e-mail Mimi at mimidietrich@comcast.net